Jesus’ dysfunctional family

1. A man denies his wife and lies that she is his sister just to get where to sleep comfortably while he lets her go with another man. (Genesis 20:1-16). Abraham and Sarah
2. A wife connives with her son to deceive her husband into giving away her other son’s blessing. (Genesis 26:34 – 27:45). Rebecca conniving with Jacob to fleece Esau of Isaac’s blessing.
3. Brothers sell their brother into slavery and lie about his death. (The story of Joseph)
4. Daughter in law disguises herself as a prostitute to sleep with her father in law. (Genesis 38). The story of Judah and Tamar.
5. Man marries prostitute who hid spies against her own family. (The story of Rahab who is among Jesus’ genealogy (Hebrews 11:31); Joshua 2; Matthew 1:5)
6. Man kills another man and marries his wife. (David and Uriah’s wife). The woman gave birth to Solomon and is in Jesus’ genealogy. (2 Sam 11); Matthew 1:7

God uses miry clay and makes a beautiful mosaic.


The changing face of “The couple”

At our death bed one of the most lasting element will be the quality of your relationships.
Today, on your very wedding day, you stand 50% chance of divorcing. If you were to produce a product that would fail with the same odds, chances are that you would be out of business very fast.
The couple, the romantic couple is facing a tumultuous time from something so clear to something that is so chaotic.
The old model of relationships was based on duty, rules and responsibilities to one based on choices and options. We have choices about anything from careers to sexuality, where we want to live, whether we are happy or not or even we could be happier. Choices on whose career is to take precedence in a relationship to who is to demand for sex in a relationship. Sex was for procreation, today with the advent of contraceptives and abortion, it is about choices. Individuals want to be excited and inspired and it is about the burning thrill. From parental recommendations to online dating of strangers some of whom come from miles and continents away and yet we expect stability and instant
This has left us with ill-equipped for control over our own lives. A lot is changed yet we still approach relationships with the same expectations and tool kits. If you are travelling to the Sahara Desert, you would prepare differently from someone relocating to Iceland for lengthy stay.
Can we be re-tooled by stories on social media or sexual innuendos by self-proclaimed experts on television, movies, songs and social media?
When we married in the past, we had sex for the first time, today when we marry we stop having sex with other people. Monogamy meant one person for life, today it is one person at a time.

Marriage and relationships have moved from production models to service models with new terms of purpose that have a tendency of love consumerism than ever before. As such we ask questions like; is the prospective candidate making me inspired, moved or meeting me at my authentic self. Relationships and marriages turn out to be more about the branding than contribution.
We no longer meet at 18 to build a life, but in our late twenties, thirties or older. The issue at this point of meeting is that one has already established one’s foundation (cornerstone). So, at this point one is seeking for one who is going to approve of their progress and not one with whom one is to build a life. So, choice is about approving of one’s accomplishments. At weddings, it is about what does he/ she own, which schools did one attend, and where do they work.
As the community ebbs away, the expectations of stability that community provided is expected from this one person we call the soulmate.

To be continued…….

There is a long term effect on a fatherless childhood.

Malachi 4:6 And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children,
And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.

Fathers must be fathers else a curse. Mothers ought not to stand in the way when a man is trying to fulfill his Father’s role else a curse

Parental alienation is a sin as well as a crime.

Children get frustrated when they cannot access their parents as they would wish.

There is a long term effect on a fatherless childhood.

25 reasons men seem to be happy people.

1. Their last name stays put and is never changed.
2. The garage is all Theirs.
3. Wedding plans take care of themselves.
4. Chocolate is just another snack.
5. They can be President.
6. They can never be pregnant.
7. Car mechanics tell They the truth.
8. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. One wallet and one pair of shoes one color for all seasons.
9. They almost never have strap problems in public.
10. They are unable to see wrinkles in Their clothes.
11. Everything on Their face stays its original color.
12. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
13. They only have to shave Their face and neck.
14. They can play with toys all Their life.
15. Their belly usually hides Their big hips.
16. They can wear shorts no matter how Their legs look.
17. They can “do” Their nails with a pocket knife.
18. They have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.
19. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
20. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.
21. If someone forgets to invite They, they can still be Their friend.
22. The world is Their urinal.
23. Wrinkles on the face a sign of character.
24. People never stare at Their chest when They’re talking to them.
25. They can do Christmas shopping for all Their relatives on December 24 in 30 minutes.

Letter to finalists 2017

Dear Finalists,
It has been my custom to use one last opportunity to speak to you but this time with the medium of the written word.
It has also been my custom to provide some insights to speak to finalists.
Well, in the next few paragraphs, I would like to call you to the duty to think and look beyond yourselves.
You are about to be ushered into the world in which the major currencies are power, pleasure and wealth. There is a lot of cynicism when you see headlines relating to land conflicts, people moving with sacks of money in their vehicles.

Maybe in your life you may have had driving permits given without driving tests, marks you scored fraudulently, spent money you had to lie to get.
Indeed, we are in a world in what honesty is belittled and fraud celebrated. In the words of Paul’s letter to the Romans 1:25 (who exchanged the truth of God for the lie), “we have exchanged the truth for a lie”. In trying to and claiming to be wise we have become fools (“Professing to be wise, they became fools” Romans 1:22.).
A man cannot be taken by his word. The currency of trust has dwindled. Evil has abounded and the hearts of those who seek truth and justice have grown cold. (Matt 24:12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.).

Well, this is not another sermon to whack our conscience into a guilt trip. All I am saying is that the finalists of 2017 are entering the world that is ‘messed up’.
History tells us that by 1970, Uganda was at the same economic level as Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Ghana and Kenya. These were the countries that were on the verge of something great economically. Next time you show your LG phone, TV or Fridge or Samsung phone, laptop or washing machine, remember these were things we are a people should have been making. (Yes, use them but we are supposed to have been making them)
What went wrong? Greed overtook us. The political class and economic leaders decided to swallow many of the roads into their stomachs and braided them into theirs and their children’s hair. Yes, cancer machines, classroom blocks and drugs have financed baby showers, weddings and small castles. How on earth can we celebrate theft just because the thief bought something expensive to show off with.
The factory where some of you should have been working was diverted to restock a private livestock farm and a dream holiday on the sandy beaches of Copa Cabana, Mombasa and Dubai. Stretches of roads leading to some of your home areas have financed private medical visits to the medical tourist destinations.
Is all hope all lost? Of course not. The fact that you are alive is one of the biggest miracles of life. Imagine how you were conceived! How the bones in your body were formed? What was all this for? Was it for just a graduation ceremony, nuptials, build a house, drive a car and then die? There was so much more for which you were made.

I am calling upon you to consider that you were born in this land and have been created for a time such as this. You have been made for a moment like this.
We need a generation that is going to say enough is enough; a generation that is so mad and says right from the depths of their hearts that I am so mad and I will no longer accept mediocrity; I am so mad that I will not accept stolen money to finance my education, lifestyle, hairstyle. Please, please get mad.
Once again you were born for a time like this. You were born in the right country, in the right century and in the right city, to the right set of parents into the right family.

You cannot afford to limit your glory to how many likes you get on social media. Our great grandparents sold off their colleagues as slaves and gave away colonies in exchange for mirrors, clothes and beads. Well, this has not changed. Our educated young people like you are selling off their thinking capacities in return for lingerie, imported fabric (made to look like stylish clothes) and likes on Facebook. The capital T truth is that you are made for a bigger call. What will you do for your locality and country? Do not mistake speaking English and slang with being intelligent. Do not exchange your decency just to be a “slay king or queen”.
Time has come for you to win the independence of this nation, but let it start with getting your independence in your mind.

So don’t you dare believe a lie that you are a mistake! You are not.
“In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship. And an outstanding reason for choosing some sort of God or spiritual-type thing to worship — be it, Jesus Christ or Allah, be it Yahweh or the Wiccan mother-goddess or the Four Noble Truths or some infrangible set of ethical principles — is that pretty much anything else you worship will eat you alive. If you worship money and things — if they are where you tap real meaning in life — then you will never have enough. Never feel you have enough. It’s the truth. Worship your own body and beauty and sexual allure and you will always feel ugly, and when time and age start showing, you will die a million deaths before they finally plant you.” (David Foster Wallace, 2005)

I beseech thee to look remember that you were not born to just pay bills. “It is about making it to 30, or maybe 50, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head. It is about simple awareness — awareness of what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight all around us, that we have to keep reminding ourselves, over and over: “This is water, this is water.” (David Foster Wallace, 2005)

Now May God bless you and Keep you.
May God shine on your path as we build the communities we come from.

The Land Vomits Up Its Inhabitants When They Engage In Same – Sex Relationships

In this day and age, truth has been exchanged for a lie but God is good for this write up…

Power of Prayer, Praise and the Word of God

1. Theland vomits up the inhabitants of nations which engage in same – sex relationships

In the previous post , we discovered that the Holy Scriptures Of Truth clearly revealed that same – sex relationships are perverse sexual practices.  God also warned Israel to heed the judgement of the Canaanites who were engaged in these practices. 

God said that the judgment of the Canaanites was twofold. First, the land would vomit up or spue out the inhabitants and secondly, they would be cast out of the land.  Israel would suffer the same judgment if they disobeyed the laws of God regarding sexual conduct:

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination (H8441) (Leviticus 18: 22)

‘You shall not lie with a man, as with a woman. That is detestible (HNV)

Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a…

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He who controls your desires controls your life

If you want to control a person, control them from the point of what they desire. Expose them to something that they develop a desire for it and then create a threat to restrict access to it. E.g. desire for fame, glamour, comfort, etc. Once they taste it and a threat of loss lingers, they will do anything to keep it.
Daniel 1:5 says And the king appointed for them a daily provision of the king’s delicacies and of the wine which he drank, and three years of training for them, so that at the end of that time they might serve before the king.
I believe in serving them with the King’s meals, there was a trick to get them hooked to the comforts and then get their loyalty lest they lose out.